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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Tennis Coach was a Russian Defector

                   Not my Russian Tennis Coach...Too Bad..

Unfortunately she was NOT my Russian Tennis Coach.


I did have one.


As he told me...this was in the 1980's, I think he may have defected it the 1970's.

He took a tour of New York from Russia. When he got off the bus in New York City, he just kept going,

He landed in the luxury apartment complex I was living in. taking a job as the Tennis Coach

He was a good tennis player. I remember him letting a couple of shots go at me. I had no chance of getting to them in time.

He was a nice person.

I took a class in the Russian Language in the 12th grade.

There were about 10 students in the class.

All the students in the class were intellectuals. The kind that were completely under the radar.

Many classes at my High School were graded in a 50/50 system. 50 percent for homework, and 50 percent for tests. As I did not do any homework I had a C average.

Getting an A on all of the tests and doing no homework frustrated my Russian Teacher.

She had me get up in front of the class and go to the blackboard. She said she was going to tell me in Russian what to write on the board and I would have to do it. 

I asked her "Left Handed or Right Handed?"  She just stared at me.

I told her I would do it Left Handed.

I completed the exercise. She did not say a word in Russian or English.

My Russian teacher had a Russian Father, right from Russia. She was officially an English teacher at my High School, and taught one section of Russian,

She was a nice person.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hydrogen to the House

Honda Hydrogen House

Update Jul 11 2017

All the pages that reference Honda's Solar Powered and Natural Gas Conversion to Hydrogen units is now been removed.

They were there in 2007.  What happened?

London Times Article

Network Gas Power Heat Systems Article

The UK is setting up testing of having Hydrogen gas pumped directly to houses.

I have he understanding that he same pipes that are used for natural gas cannot be used to pump pure hydrogen. They currently have 3 methods of mixing hydrogen and natural gas, then extracting the hydrogen at the end of the line.

Also, there is the consideration of using pipes that could accommodate both types of gases when doing new or replacement construction.

They also have devices that will convert natural gas to hydrogen at the house location. Honda had one back in  2007, the web page for that device is no longer there.

Hydrogen and electricity at the end user end of things is where we need to be.

We can convert/eliminate the back end supply as we go. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Monsanto Monster

Why the hazard suits?

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Lawsuit Site

Go Monsanto Lawsuit

Go Monsanto Toxicity

Go Monsanto Poison

Monsanto's Main Monster Hugh Grant

In all my hours of Internet research, I have never come across an entity like Monsanto.

It seems like they are deliberately trying to destroy life on this planet, not by just nuking the planet but by tearing it apart from the inside out.

They are responsible for PCB's, Dioxin and Agent Orange and most infamously notable in current times Glyphosate.

Glyphosate(Roundup) is highly toxic. That is why they have to genetically modify the corn, soybeans and other crops it is used on. Only the genetically modified plants can tolerate Monsanto's Glyphosate toxicity(poison).

Monsanto's products have been linked to cancer, Parkinson disease, autism and the killing off of all of our wild living honey bees.

It does not just destroy cells, it interferes with cells ability to work in the system with other cells.

Monsanto needs to be shut down completely immediately, and any other companies making the same stuff need to be stopped as well.

It has been proven to be toxic to the farmers that use it, how should we be eating it?

These people are monsters and need to be stopped. Now.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This Article copied from the Quebec Times

Eleven companies have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the spin-off of hydrogen distribution stations in Japan. Some of the Japanese automotive industry – including Nissan and Toyota – are among the signatories, which also rank as major financial and energy groups.

40,000 new hydrogen vehicles by 2020

This Memorandum of Understanding is an extension of the ” Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” agreed by the Japanese government last year. This plan includes the construction of nearly 160 public hydrogen distribution stations by 2020. It also aims to put about 40,000 new fuel cell vehicles on the road by this time. The targets of political leaders are significant: the Japanese fleet of fuel cell cars is currently limited to some 2,000 units. As for hydrogen fueling stations, there are only 90 of them in a country with more than 61 million passenger cars (see also Tokyo, the world capital of the hydrogen car ).

800 hydrogen filling stations within 10 years

To meet the expectations set out in the government’s roadmap, partner companies want to build a common company. A strategy that aims to reduce costs, but above all, to allow the creation of a large number of distribution stations in a tight timeframe. And this, in order to elicit a positive chain reaction of the Japanese consumers towards these vehicles. According to the Nikkei, one of the major dailies of reference in Japan, the Japanese government is currently considering an expansion of the objectives of the roadmap. The Nikkei talks about a project to create 800 new distribution stations in the next ten years. According to the paper, the country’s political leaders also want the hydrogen fleet to reach 800,000 units by 2030 (see our detailed Toyota Mirai test).

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Paris Deal Not So Simple

US not the Globe
Big Business in favor of Paris Deal

Big Biz wants climate deal, whats the deal?


Big Companies want more government regulation to inhibit new companies from entering the marketplace.

The Paris Co2 Deal is purely political.

Make no mistake, if it is political it has nothing to do with helping the common person or society as a whole, it has everything to do with an agenda by the purveyors of that deal.

Why would American big business want the climate deal?

Because it would force new startup competition to have to submit to the overwhelming task of doing all of the paper work necessary to get started competing with them.

These big companies already have spent millions to comply with regulations. Have done the expensive task of dealing with the paper work and the legal fees necessary to comply with government regulations.

Many new companies would never get to square one if they first had to jump through all  the government hoops that the big established companies already have.

You see, this would prevent new competition from entering the marketplace.

Even new companies dealing in clean energy would first have to prove to the government that they were in compliance with all the laws and treaties that the government has agreed to.

This might absolutely stop a new clean innovative company from even trying to start.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Hydrogen Fueling Stations
NY Times Article

Hydrogen Fueling Station Network Video

Well, there is one thing good about living in 2017, it is having the Internet and Smartphones everywhere. With these two things we can find out where our fueling station of choice is and if it is open.

California has 30. Doesn't sound like many but you can go the length of the state and not run out of Hydrogen fuel.

With Internet maps and your smartphone or tablet computer you should be able to find a fueling spot if you are in California.

They say they are going to have Hydrogen fueling stations running between New York and Boston soon.

I think there should be some kind of program to get them along our freeway system starting with the busiest routes and then filtering down to the less busy ones.

I could certainly see the routes between major cities being filled.

Fueling with Hydrogen
L.A. to Vegas
New York to Chicago
Detroit to Chicago
Indy to Chicago
I-75 From Upper Michigan to Southern Florida

I still have not found out what happened to Hondas two home hydrogen filling stations.

They had one that was solar powered and one that would convert natural gas to hydrogen and allow you to fill up at home. I figure this for a big-time conspiracy.

I will report back when I know more.

I still think that being able to fill at your dealership should work and the dealer allowing a once a week fill up via home delivery.

The political types will talk about limiting carbon dioxide, but if you will notice that they do not talk about the filthy air we are breathing from the burning of hydrocarbon fuels. I have been breathing this stuff my whole life and am sick of it. I just wonder how I might feel if I did not have to breathe this air.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Times Square a Hoax?

People Flying through the air

How they may have faked the Times Square incident

Another good Times Square Hoax video


This video is very enlightening; how people could easily have created a video that looks real but is absolutely fake.

I have seen so many of these faked incidents so far that it does make sense.

How could so many people be involved in such a thing at not come clean about it?

That is the way this world works.

Things I like about this video:

1) How anyone with a computer and a little experience can create these videos
2) How the actors involved just need a little training and experience
3) How the speed of the vehicle can be changed
4) How the vehicle need never come into contact with anyone
5) How everyone seems to be flying into the air and not getting mowed down