Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary Under Mind Control?

Hillary a Victim of Mind Control Technology?
Notice the expression of the mans face and his demeanor with the electronic instrument he is pointing at Hillary.


Doesn't it look as if he is "shooting" something at her?

Device in front aimed right into her eyes

Notice the black and silver device pointed right at her face (eyes).

The man in the background is never shocked, but goes directly from the serious look to a grin.

I see at least 3 devices coming at her. And the predators are all happy.

Mr. Caiti Video explaining his Mk-ultra Mind Control Theory


Now here is a real conspiracy theory.

Old school style!!!

Mk-Ultra was an umbrella term for a variety of mind control projects that the CIA was involved with starting in the 1950's.

A Mr. Cati (mrcati) surmises that the man in the background from this angle is presenting a device that would appear to be a voice recording device, however, it may, in fact be a mind control device,  a simple voice recorder/player could be used to deliver the "message" to cause a pre-programmed response to occur.

Note that Mr. Cati thinks one of the reporter / actors in front of her may be in collusion with the mystery man pointing the device at Hillary.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fluoride is Poison!

Harrisburg, VA news article

Honest Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Toms of Maine Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Harvard Study Shows Fluoride Lowers IQ

Go fluoride is poison
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Go fluoride is toxic
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Go Nazis gave fluoride to prisoners
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Go Toxic Industrial Waste Used as Fluoride in our Water Systems
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"Because some scientists noticed that people had less tooth decay in hi-fluoide areas"

The above comment is totally bogus, how in the h-word would scientists have made this alleged connection?

I will tell you one way.

Nazi's knew that fluoride would lower a person's IQ level and cause health problems, that's why they gave it to their prisoners.

Do you think fluoride has some built-in intelligence that tells it to harden tooth enamel and nothing else? Dah!

Fluoride does not prevent tooth decay. It will harden your soft tissue though. Exactly what you do not want to happen.

from another article Link Here :

What Exactly Are We Drinking?

So what exactly are we drinking? The substance added to our drinking water is called hydrofluorosilicic acid. It is a toxic waste substance created from the production of aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industries. It’s not the natural element of fluoride, again, it’s industrial toxic waste.

This stuff should been forever banned. It is totally bad news.

Plus the stuff the put in our water is

In other parts of the world, like Africa, their natural water supply is tested for fluoride toxicity. This is considered bad news in natural small amounts! Not to mention intentionally adding it to the water supply. Some of the forms of it added to US water supplies is much more toxic then the natural version.

Read the graphic below.

Read this Graphic! Fluoride is Poison!

From Google:

Only 11 countries in the world have more than 50% of their population drinking fluoridated water: Australia (80%), Brunei (95%); Chile (70%), Guyana (62%), Hong Kong (100%), the Irish Republic (73%), Israel (70%), Malaysia (75%), New Zealand (62%), Singapore (100%), and the United States (64%).

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hydrogen from Sewage

Hydrogen from Sewage Process

Autoevolution Article

Go Hydrogen from sewage
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The Japanese are making Hydrogen from sewage sludge.

A totally untapped resource.

Completely renewable.

There is no reason that all of our waste should not be processed as much as possible into something good.

I believe that we should migrate all uses of natural gas, propane, liquid petroleum gas, etc., into Hydrogen uses.

That would mean that our gas furnaces, gas water heaters, barbecue grills and such would be burning Hydrogen instead of Hydrocarbon fuels.

Then we can replace the Hydrocarbon sources with Hydrogen sources, converting to green sources over time.

We should no longer focus on one source of energy.  We should use as many green sources as possible at the same time.

Hydrogen, Ethanol and Electricity can all be produced from sunlight and a variety of other sources right now.

We should be on a mission to replace all dirty fuels with cleaner ones...right now.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pluto on Pluto!

Pluto on Pluto
The "real" Pluto
Pluto on Pluto Video


These images are all fabricated.

Not one, including the alleged pictures of Earth, are a real picture.

All are artificially created images.

This is big time in your face people.

NASA must be shut down now!

They are not in deep space photographing a planet or near planet.

They have never left Earth proximity.

None of the following is true /  real / etc:

NASA - total hoax, every single bit of it
Vaccines - don't work, cause damage
Dinosaurs - never existed, fabrication
Evolution - Not one species has become another
Space Science  - as currently taught
US Medical Establishment  - only some ER med is real
Big Pharma - All meds bad news
Fossil Fuels - Hoax created by Rockefeller and that bunch
Boston Bombing - Same actor allegedly did Orlando shooting
Orlando Shooting - Same actor allegedly did Boston Marathon Bombing; was a Witness & Victim as well
Columbine - Dummy on grass moved by cops, students in drill mode, not panic mode
Sandy Hook - Crisis actors including children seen acting in other hoaxes around the world
Nice Truck Attack - NOT. Truck on video rolling slowly. Covered 1 km in 1/2 hour. Couple running from scene laughing loudly.
Paris attack - NOT - Alleged gunman stops to pick up shoe that fell off his foot, when at a point where he would have been a big-time sitting duck. Sorry, if that were real he would have not stopped for one tiny little instant.

Special Note:

Cars were running on Electricity, Ethanol & Hydrogen before Gasoline.

Carbon politics or not, we need to get back to not using petroleum fuels.

We need to replace petroleum with Electricity, Ethanol & Hydrogen fuels now.

Hydrogen needs to be at every home, even if it means converting natural gas to H2.

Ethanol mixes need to be at every gasoline station.

We can then have all transportation units using either H2, Ethanol or Electricity.

We can also start replacing the back-end of the process with green solutions.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Smart Bricks - Air - Water - Electricity

Smart Bricks Clean Water, Air, Make Electricity

GizMag Article

Go smart bricks microbial fuel cells
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Smart Bricks.

There are many different types of "smart bricks" out there.

If you are in the building trades, you should check them out, not need for mortar anymore.
These smart bricks are designed to help you live in your home.

They do this by being alive themselves.

Clean water, Air, Make Electricity and more.

Check em out...

Friday, July 29, 2016

ISS Space Station Microphone Changes between Astro-Nots

Mic Changes between Astro-Nots
ISS Space Station Microphone Changes between Astro-Nots

This is more ISS space station tells.

There is no way they would be this sloppy if they did not want us to know it was a hoax.

This is "we are a hoax" in your face people.

Past time to shut-r-down...


Pasting a image of a watch on a wrist

Reflections of others in helmet visors.

Air bubbles during space walks.

Teleportation of stuffed animals, come on...

..time to wake up...

Hard Science is a complete hoax....

NASA - All of it...Moon, Walks, Shuttle, Station, Hubble, Mars, Asteroid, all...

...Big Bang....