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Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11 Made Simple

It's really simple

It is really simple.

Building 7 came down with no aircraft hitting it.

No one denies that.

Really Simple.

Building 7 video

9/11 Loan Gunmen Episode Clip
    - aired 6mths before 9/11

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vaccines causing Polio in Syria

Polio Vaccine causing Polio in Syria

Bing polio vaccine causes outbreak in Syria

UNICEF just finished vaccinating 355,000 children to halt a polio outbreak caused by vaccinating children in the first place

Vaccine-derived polio: More cases reported in Syria, DRC

Dr. Bergman - Vaccines cannot work - Video Clip

Dr. Bergman - Vaccines did not wipe out Small Pox and Polio


I am not a Doctor yet.


It is my current understanding that Vaccines cannot possibly work.

The theory may sound good, but how do you invoke an immune response without giving the subject the disease?

Answer. You Don't.

They used to say we give the subject a dead virus. Hello, a virus is never alive so how can you have a dead one? Now they are saying they are giving the subject(victim) a broken virus.

Bottom-line. You infect the subject which will cause an immune response but give them the disease or you don't.

Either way, the subject(victim) will only get over infection via their own immune system.

The children who don't get the disease are:

1) using their immune system to get over the disease
2) not being exposed to the disease

The problem is poor sanitation. Human feces to the human hand to human mouth, that is how it is transmitted.
Diagnosing Polio. It is also my current understanding that the Doctors diagnosing Polio will do so using only outward observations and questions to the victim or use of their medical records if any are available.

The doctor will ask or see if the victim has had a Polio vaccine in the past.

If the victim has not had a Polio vaccine then the Dr. will conclude that it must be Polio.

If the victim has had the vaccine then it must be some other ailment. That way the vaccine appears to always be working when the only thing it could possibly be doing is giving the victim the disease, to begin with.

If the victim does not become crippled from this procedure, then it is due to their own natural immune system successfully fighting off the disease.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville - Leftist/Globalist False Flag Hoax

Fake Punches Thrown all over the place
Way too many fake punches folks.


This was a staged event, staged and acted by leftist liberals.

This was all done to make our President kiss leftist liberal butt.

To get Mr. Trump to have to publicly suck it up, the Leftists/Globalists staged a pathetic mockery of some type of violent protest on the Birthday of their daddy George Soros.

As you can see in the videos the punches are fake. The crowd looks like young leftists, not Neo-Nazis.

A list of problems with the mainstream display:
  • Occurred on August 12th, George Soros' birthday
  • Organizer Jason Kessler was George Soros' employee and big time liberal before Mr. Trump was elected President. Then, he becomes a "Neo-Nazi" type right wing actor. 
  • Jason Kessler is big time leftist liberal, not a right winger.
  • Fake punches thrown by young leftists
  • Alleged mother of alleged car driver thought it was a "Trump thing"
  • Director and Assistant seen on camera
  • Plenty of young liberals actors on camera
  • Not all people on camera were "in the scene"
  • Professional driver driving car
  • Some people not part of the acting around them
If you analyze the videos closely you will see how many of the people on camera were actors acting. The punches were fake. The scenes were a mix of actors and non-actors.

It was "shot" on George Soros' birthday. He is a major globalist that has destroyed many countries. He wants to take down America and China.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hoax at Charlottesville

Action is Faked
YouTube Seach  Charlottesville Hoax

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Looks like the "Unite the Right" organizer Jason Kessler is really a Leftist Obama supporter in disguise. Started this thing in January 2017.  False Flag.



Another staged event hoax.

As you can see in still motion the punch goes right by the guy.

In the sequence in slow motion all the punches are near misses, every one.

Jason Kessler from Leftist False Flag Organizer
I was first suspicious when a guy punched at a girl then backed way up to wait for her response. In real life this would not happen.

Another video spots the director (green cap) and assistant (pink).

In yet another video the alleged drivers alleged mother  in a wheel chair acts totally coy about things , is not shocked when she hears her son ran over some people and killed one.

And here is the kicker, the mom says she did not know it was a racist rally, she thought it was something to do with Trump.

It is quite obvious that this is yet another staged event.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Bad Part of ObamaCare


The worst problem about Obama Care is that it locks us into the one and only American Medical Establishment.

Our current system was developed by a massive conspiracy that has been going on for more that a Century.

Early in the 20th Century they got rid of everything that had to do with natural medicine. The osteopathic doctor ( now just an MD in disguise), the Apothecary ( the holistic version of a pharmacy), and all the medical schools that taught anything contrary to Big Med/Big Pharma. That is surgery or synthetic medications for all ailments.

Not Health Care

The current American Medical Establishment does well when fixing you up from an accident ( trauma care). But it does a major disservice when trying to "help" you with your general health or fighting an illness. If you get well it will be only because your natural immune system was able to overcome the illness in spite of the damage that the Medical Establishment may have added to the already bad situation. Vaccines do not work and do additional damage.

The Flu Vaccine I got from a free clinic messed up my short-term memory. I have recovered to some degree but it is not the same as it used to be. In 1986, Congress passed a law making it impossible to sue a company for a Vaccine issue. They set up a special court to deal with this issue. A single judge decides if you win or lose. No jury trials allowed. If the Vaccine company loses, they do not pay damages, the American taxpayer pays all damages awarded against the Vaccine company.

M.D.s Only

Chiropractors are demonized big-time. Osteopaths are allowed to learn their age-old trade in their medical schools, but they must also learn the M.D./surgery/Big Pharma stuff too. They must also agree to not use their classic Osteopathic techniques in medical practice.

Don't be fooled by these shysters, they are out to take your money and your health away from you.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Tennis Coach was a Russian Defector

                   Not my Russian Tennis Coach...Too Bad..

Unfortunately she was NOT my Russian Tennis Coach.


I did have one.


As he told me...this was in the 1980's, I think he may have defected it the 1970's.

He took a tour of New York from Russia. When he got off the bus in New York City, he just kept going,

He landed in the luxury apartment complex I was living in. taking a job as the Tennis Coach

He was a good tennis player. I remember him letting a couple of shots go at me. I had no chance of getting to them in time.

He was a nice person.

I took a class in the Russian Language in the 12th grade.

There were about 10 students in the class.

All the students in the class were intellectuals. The kind that were completely under the radar.

Many classes at my High School were graded in a 50/50 system. 50 percent for homework, and 50 percent for tests. As I did not do any homework I had a C average.

Getting an A on all of the tests and doing no homework frustrated my Russian Teacher.

She had me get up in front of the class and go to the blackboard. She said she was going to tell me in Russian what to write on the board and I would have to do it. 

I asked her "Left Handed or Right Handed?"  She just stared at me.

I told her I would do it Left Handed.

I completed the exercise. She did not say a word in Russian or English.

My Russian teacher had a Russian Father, right from Russia. She was officially an English teacher at my High School, and taught one section of Russian,

She was a nice person.